Sunday, August 22, 2010

Feeling Bad....

...because I was the one who suggested we start this again and then got too busy once it revived! Shame on me. So I'm taking a slight risk here posting this because I know that at least Tyler will start throwing out the C-word like crazy once he sees it. This doesn't quite go all the way back to my childhood, but regardless, it's a fond memory of younger years when I too was a bit of an anime nerd. This is my semi-realist tribute to the most bad-ass, girly-sounding assassin of the Meiji Revolution, Kenshin Himura. I wanted to go a bit Sargent with it - and by that I mean look nothing like a Sargent (damn him for always painting and drawing so friggin' big!). Anyway, sorry it took so damn long to put something out here. And sorry it's not a finished masterpiece. But glad to see that everyone else is keeping it real! Oh yeah, I'll go ahead and dedicate this doodle to my big sis, since she was there nerding out with me through the whole series.


  1. CHUSSY! but seriously i also loved watching the Battousai hack and slash his way through samurai with a smile on his :D cool drawing my friend , i think you captured a fun realistic looking Kenshin kinda feminine and small so he can fool his opponents :P fun sketch all around