Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Ok, we're going to take it pretty easy this time. Rather than having two crazy words, we're just going with a simple, two-word phrase to ease everyone back in.

1) Childhood
2) Memory

So absolutely anything that had an impact on you growing up. People, places, toys, shows, books, movies, imaginary friends, albums, games you used to play, an article of clothing, dreams, bugs, a particularly interesting soda can, or any other possible thought that comes into your head when you think about you in the past. Considering we haven't known each other THAT long, no one will know if your lying.

Just think of something you used to like and influenced what you've become. Or not, I don't care. Also bear in mind, no one is expecting these to be child-friendly drawings.

As for the
1. words will be up for 3 weeks now. So you can do sketches (multiple if you want) or take an idea to a finished piece.
2. Last person to post on the topic must pick the next group of two words, that way everyone has a fair crack at these things.

Sound good?