Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fashionably late.

I figured I'd keep you in suspense and post this a few months after the prompt. This ol' mind didn't forget, sharp as a fucking tack. (I'm so sorry)

Well, if you don't know who this is, you are stupid, because you have never heard the screeching call of the Cobra Commander. He wasted millions upon millions of dollars of technical research and hardware every few minutes, but he wasn't a wuss. He solved all problems by speeding at them sticking out of (insert vehicle here) yelling nonsense and cackling while fist pumping like a goddamn mad man, backed by an army of robot soldiers, because who else could be cool enough to follow him.

And he had a really hot girlfriend. He was a true man's man.

Watch this. Bonus points if you somehow manage not to laugh at Destro.

The 80's equivalent of a mentally
challenged Don Draper.


  1. laughed so hard at the don draper line.

  2. I'll let your tardiness slide, because I myself am a tardy fellow :P plus you seem to have such passion for the cobra commander that it borders on the divine. LETS GET THIS GOING AGAIN! i guess that means mike comes up with the next topic yes?

  3. Oh. I guess it does. Well... when do you guys want me to throw up something?