Friday, May 15, 2009


hey gang. It is now officially summer which makes me wonder if this thing will get any use. I know Quinn lives in a cardboard box or some such nonsense and therefore has no internet so he's out. But for the rest of you, I ask this question, Anybody wanna sketch this summer?

If people still wanna do this, I'd be more than happy to keep going and update words. So leave comments and make your voice heard.

While we're at it, should we invite more people to this?



  1. I'd be willing to do some sketching this summer. No excuses anymore, right? :P

  2. Hello gents, yeah man im game, i think i could bust out a couple here and there, but probably not every week, and yeah maybe it's time we start extending some offers, so basically it's up to you,you ol'stack of pancakes