Saturday, March 7, 2009

Well, it seems I'm late to the party. FASHIONABLY LATE HUURRRRR

Manley Parkins was never so happy to see another face. It had been a grueling two weeks on that little keg, in the middle of the ocean. Everyday he liked to count the splinters he had received from his little barrel friend. Until one day he saw not one face, but two. Two beautiful mermaids offered him salvation. They offered him help. They offered him gratuitous sexual relations. And although he had no idea how that worked with mermaids he gladly accepted. It had been two months since his plane went down, a week after he took the pilots job, to fly beer oversees. Two months since he had seen another soul. 

It's a real shame as Manley Parkins was a good pilot. It was really a shame that he tasted as good as he did, and in the end, it was a really real shame he never did get... to touch those breasts. Cause that is what he wanted most of all.

Edit: I got rid of the border around the banner. Couldn't get it to center entirely. 

Edit Edit. I lied... it is centered. The banner is creating an OPTICAL ILLUSION!



    but seriously, your post title made me laugh so hard that I actually spit my beverage out...oh and I suppose the sketch isn't too shabby either.

  2. Damn those mermaid boobies. They'll be the death of us all.

  3. Wow, your kind of a big deal!