Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hey guys, here are a few things that should be known

1) all of the sketchers should now have full editing abilities for the site so if there's something you don't like about the blog, change it (No penises, mike).

2) The blog title isn't exactly finalized so if you want to submit newer, better ideas, then submit until your lil heart bursts.

3) I think from now on, the new subjects will be announced every sunday...hopefully that works for everyone.

Now get to work dammit


  1. I thought it was weird we would start on a tuesday... but now my life is brighter and more sunny. Thank you dave. For this gift. So is there a submission day or is when it is done?

  2. ummm...i guess the images should be done by the time the next words are selected. So any time prior to the next sunday would be fine. I dont think there really needs to be due date...I'm fine with them trickling in throughout the week.