Friday, March 20, 2009

Goodnight, Joe "corn-cob" Calloway

We've all been told that blind jazz musicians shouldn't go out on halloween and play "lullaby of birdland" out near the old pumpkin patch. The great pumpkin hates the idea of birds having an advanced utopian society and will seek revenge through stealing your face and ruining your credit rating.


  1. seriously the placement of the arms on the Jack-o-lantern is what makes this amazing!

  2. hahaha i thought the same exact thing when i drew it. there's just something about lil noodle arms sticking out of a head that makes a killer pumpkin adorable.

  3. Jazz player is looking great. Really looks like he is belting it out. Great characterization. Seriously sucks for that dude though. Looks like his having a good time... and the suddenly NOM NOM NOM